RE629 Stored Voice Pager

RE629 Stored Voice

The RE629 SV offers a voice memory with a four-minute recording capacity. All alarms are archived and can be replayed as often as is required.

Important performance features:
  • 32 addresses with 50 user profiles to fit the requirements of any assignment
  • Large display for clarity at a glance
  • Frequency synthesizing via PLL keeps down set-up times for activation
  • Four minute voice memory, divisible, can be set as fixed or dynamic
  • Available in Wideband (25kHz) and Narrowband(12.5kHz) channel spacing
  • Available multi-channel version allows up to 50 channels
  • Built in 12h/24h clock and stopwatch feature
  • Accepts NiMh or Alkaline AA battery
  • IP54 protection ensures reliable alerting in all weather conditions