About Us

Swissphone is an international consortium with subsidiaries in Switzerland, Germany, Austria, France and North America. It has evolved from an alerting pioneer to the market leader for complete alerting solutions, command & control and safe communication. Today Swissphone leads the integrated communications and control centre solution industry with modern technology and customized solutions.

For over 40 years quality awareness has been rooted in the Swissphone company culture. This is the main reason why the production is based at Swissphone headquarters in Samstagern, Switzerland. With its employees devoted to quality assurance, Swissphone develops solutions that make its customers’ jobs easier.

Milestones in the history of Swissphone

  • 2009 Foundation of the sixth subsidiary Swissphone LLC, Denver, Colorado
  • 2008 Development of «RES.Q», the first all-in-one alerting terminal which combines GSM and GPS, certified after ISO norm 9001:2008
  • 2006 Swissphone emphasizes its internationality by opening a sales office in Florida (USA)
  • 2005 Successful installation and operation of a digital and satellite based alerting network in Lower Austria
  • 2004 Takeover of Wesser Informatik GmbH, one of the leading providers of system solutions for control centres. The Wesser Informatik GmbH becomes Swissphone Systems GmbH, Stuttgart (D)
  • 2003 Takeover of All Wireless AG of Bern (CH) which becomes Swissphone Wireless AG.
  • 2002 Certification after the new ISO norm 9001:2000 (process orientated); accreditation renewal of the testing laboratory (STS018) after ISO/IEC 17025; development of «Hurricane Voice», the worldwide first digital receiver converting text into speech
  • 1999 Foundation of the subsidiary in Austria: Swissphone Austria GmbH in Vienna
  • 1994 Swissphone receives the first private license for «Private radio networks in Switzerland» from the federal office for communication; foundation of Swissphone Engineering which operates Swissphone’s paging network «Euromessage»; biggest customer is the building insurance Zurich (GVZ) with 15’000 fire fighters.
  • 1992 Accreditation as a testing laboratory for portable, mobile and stationary transmitting and reception stations as well as mobile receivers.
  • 1990 Certification after the quality standard ISO 9001
  • 1989 Foundation of the second subsidiary: Swissphone S.A. in Versailles (F)
  • 1984 Start of the development of paging systems
  • 1983 Foundation of the first subsidiary: Swissphone Telecommunications GmbH in Gundelfingen (D)
  • 1972 Production moves to Binz, Zurich.
  • 1971 Moving into the premises in Kilchberg (CH)
  • 1970 Production of the first pager with tuning fork filters; first bulk order with over 1000 pagers for the alerting of fire departments in Germany
  • 1969 Development and production of selective modules for radio sets; Foundation of Swissphone by Erika and Helmut Köchler in Kloten (CH)