DE935 Pager

DE935 Pager

DE915 swissphone fire department pager

  • Pager features fully graphical display
  • 64 addresses (RICs) with 4 sub addresses each, 64 select and toggle profiles
  • Options: Express-Alarm®, IDEA™

The DE935 pager is an upgrade of the DE925 featuring 64 RICs with four sub addresses each. All in all 256 independent addresses are available to the user. The DE935 pager offers toggle and as an innovation select profiles, which can be turned on or off.

There are several different possibilities to display a message like the adjustable font size. The user can scroll through the message by pressing a button. Incoming alerts can be marked differently with the two-tone backlit.

The DE935 has the approved, tough and popular Swissphone case. Chargers and other accessories of previous models can be reused. The uncomplicated menu-driven operation was improved with additional and clearly structured icons.

The express alert enables flexible group building and shorter alerting times. RICs can be allocated to specified profiles like “available” and “not available”. If the “not available” profile is selected, the user will be alarmed only for very important assignments. Single RICs can be switched on and off by select-profiles.

The DE935 pager offers a multi-channel receiver for two different frequencies within 10 megahertz as an option. With this unique feature the DE935 pager is able to receive messages from two separate POCSAG networks as desired.

The optimally available 128 bit IDEA™-Encryption offers the highest level of security. IDEA™ can be implemented into existing digital networks and supports the usage of both secured and unsecured messages simultaneously.